• How do you choose car wax?

    How to ask for a new car?

    But one with a 10 year old? What wax do I use for white paint? And the black one?
    These are some of the questions that all beautiful car lovers, with their glossy paints, think about waxing their car.

    For these reasons, we will try to explain, in the following, how to choose the best wax for black cars. And why not, let's see if all of the above questions are justified.

    First of all, we should determine under what conditions is the paint of the car. Further on, we see if it is suitable for waxing and how much to invest in the products and the waxing process itself.

    Here we also have to think and if we want to wax the car with a wax that will apply quickly and easily, with immediate results. If we have the free afternoon, we can also invest in a more professional waxing using a sanding machine.

    The options sound like this:

    Liquid car wax - gloss in minutes

    In the life of each driver there are times when there is simply no time to give a more advanced treatment to the paint of the car. This, however, requires a little cosmetics, preferably a quick fix, to show how well it can be.

    For this quick result there is a liquid wax, such as K2 Spectrum , to help you get brilliance in just a few moments.

  • When to apply it?
    Preferably after each wash. Imagine washing your car at an automatic car wash. After washing, you can see white traces of water on the paint. In this case, with liquid wax, you can make them disappear immediately, making the car shining without too much effort.

    Liquid wax is also a great option for fans of rallies or cars used for advertising. That's because they spend a lot of time preparing their cars before various events. They usually travel miles through dust and dirt, and after such a road, the gloss on the car disappears. This automotive detailing product brings back the brilliance of the paint in minutes, without much effort, and you are ready for the next adventure in a very short time.

    Liquid wax rapidly refreshes color and gives instant gloss. It is especially suitable for new or well-maintained machines, without any defects in the paint.
    In the case of liquid wax, do not worry about lining gaskets, plastic and glass, or applying it to the body when it's hot. A good product will never leave any trace of it.

    Moreover, liquid wax, if it is of high quality, can be applied without any problems on rubber or plastic. It can even be applied on the board to improve its appearance.

    So, if you love traveling with a car and you do not have much time to invest in make-up, liquid wax should not be missing from your trunk.

  • Racing in the middle of town

    Now it is being built for car racing in the middle of town.
    But calm, it's about a giant track for miniracing in MK Ran's new premises.

    It must be eight. Strikingly comes from the professional mini-racing track builder, now the pensioner, Hasse Nilsson, and it is the track track he refers to.

    Right now he is helping MK Ran's mini racing section to build a track in the new premises at the intersection of Stöökagatan-Trädgårdsgatan. Thus, in the powerport club's old premises.

    - This will be a big track, one among the larger in the country, says Hasse who was 27 years ago in Askersund and built the previous track.

    During the years 1984-99, he built full-time miniracing courses in the United States where the sport is great.

    - But interest also begins to come to life in Sweden, he says.


    It is about a track for tracked cars and Hasse is involved in designing it according to the premises of the premises and the club's wishes.

    - It will be 42 meters long and with eight tracks which gives the track SM status, Tommy Andersson points out in the mini racing section.

    The club has been running for over two years looking for suitable premises. Now they are, and the idea is that the entire MK Ran should have its business there. A nice 50-year gift as it is anniversary year.

    - This is perfect, in the middle of town and we get a room with such a large course, says Hans Gunnarsson who has been a member of the club's foundation in 1960.

    The competition venue itself is supplemented with a handicap toilet and dairy workshop. In the planning there is also room for a cafeteria and a boardroom. The goal is for the premises to be fully accessible for accessibility.

    - We rent from Kent Åhlin who helped us on the trot, Tommy explains.

    Help with the investment costs has been provided by benevolent and generous local sponsors. The goal is that the mini-race should be able to hold inauguration in connection with the sports holiday. With the new track, the section hopes that interest will increase, and that more people will start to engage in miniracing.

    Loans cars

    The club has cars to lend to those who want to try it out. Miniracing has also been the gateway to other motor sports for some celebrities. Among others, Ronnie Peterson was one of those who started their course there.

    Elvis Presley had his own room where he ran miniracing, but became known in a completely different area.

    Now it remains to be seen what it can be fostered for future celebrities in MR Ran's school.

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